Three Ways To Take Better Care Of Your Commercial Locks

4 April 2018
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Replacing all of the commercial locks on your building is not cheap, even if you can get away with simply having the locks re-keyed. There may be times, such as after a break-in or a contentious firing of a disloyal employee, when you have no choice but to replace or re-key the locks; but why would you do so if you did not have to? With regular maintenance, you can keep your commercial locks working well for a lot longer, minimizing the need to replace them. Here are three ways to take better care of your commercial locks:

1. Lubricate your locks.

You lubricate valves, your vehicle engine, and other items regularly. Well, add commercial locks to your list! A good layer of oil will keep the interior components of the locks from freezing and seizing up. You can use a generic lubricant like WD-40 to lubricate the locks, but one made especially for locks is even better. Apply it about once a year, and then lock and unlock the door a few times to really work the lube into the locking mechanism. While you are at it, you might as well lubricate the door's hinges, too.

2. Check the hardware.

If any of the door's hardware becomes loose, such as the screws holding the hinges or open/close mechanism in place, someone may try to break in by pushing through the door, destroying the lock mechanism in the process. A door that is hanging on loose hinges may also put excess pressure on the lock mechanism, causing lock components to wear out prematurely. Get in the habit of checking over all hardware a few times a year, and tighten any loose screws or bolts you come across.

3. Keep your keys in good shape.

If a key is wearing out or beginning to bend, it might get stuck in the lock, and then the only solution may be to replace the whole lock. Keep a few spare keys on hand so you can get rid of aging keys as they start showing signs of wear. Make sure any employees with keys know to turn them in if they start acting funny or looking worn.

To learn more about proper commercial lock maintenance, reach out to a locksmith company in your area. They can replace your locks if needed, but with the right maintenance, this is rarely necessary. You can contact the experts at Hicks Safes & Locks Inc for more information.