Locked Out Of Your Car? Know How To Stay Safe

6 February 2018
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Being locked out of your own car can be a scary experience, but thankfully, a 24-hour locksmith is only a phone call away to help you out. If you are waiting around late at night for them to show up, you'll want to find a way to stay safe while outside of your vehicle. Keep these tips in mind so you know what to do until help arrives.

Find a Well Lit Area

The best way you can stay safe late at night is to remain visible as much as possible. You may think you are better off hiding in a place that is dark where people cannot see you, but that makes you more vulnerable in a situation like this.

Find a local gas station where you can stay inside the store, near a busy intersection, or stay under a lit streetlight.

Don't Stay Near Your Vehicle

After you call the locksmith and tell them your location, you do not have to wait right by the vehicle until they arrive. Waiting by the car will look like you have been locked out, which could make you a target. Tell the locksmith how to reach you, and tell them that you will meet them at the car once they get there.

Stay Off Your Phone

You may be tempted to take out your smartphone to pass the time until the locksmith arrives. If you're alone, it is best to not be distracted by your smartphone. You want to be alert so that you notice someone approaching you, which may be hard to do if you are texting, reading, or watching a video.

It is also a good idea to stay off your smartphone to preserve the battery life. Your cell phone is the only way that the locksmith has to contact you, and you want to be reachable in case they are delayed or unable to find where your car is located.

Call a Friend

If possible, contact a friend that can stop by and pick you up while you are waiting for the locksmith to arrive. Just sitting together with another person in a locked car can keep you safe until help arrives If there is not someone you can reach, try getting an Uber to take you to a place where you can wait, such as a 24 hour restaurant, and then take another Uber back to your car once the locksmith arrives.

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