4 Signs That Your House Is Susceptible To Burglars

22 December 2017
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There are millions of homes burglarized every single year. The last thing that you want is for your home to be one of them. Here are four signs that your home is actually susceptible to thieves:

Sign #1: You Tend to Leave Your Front Door Unlocked

It isn't uncommon for people to leave their front door unlocked. In fact, statistics show that 25 percent of homeowners admit to leaving their front door unlocked. Some believe that their neighborhood is safer than what it really is, while others simply think that it is safe to leave their door unlocked because they are only going to be gone for a short while. However, statistics show that 34 percent of burglars will enter your home through your front door. So, it is very important to ensure that your front door is locked at all times – even when you are at home! If your locks are not secure or easy to operate, a locksmith like those represented at http://www.alocksmithriverside.com can help.

Sign #2: You're Posting Your Vacation Pictures Online

When you go on vacation, you want everyone to know how it's going. Therefore, your first instinct is to post as many pictures as you can on your social media sites, such as Facebook and Instagram. However, this is the worst thing that you can do when you are away from your home. By doing this, you are alerting everyone that you are nowhere near your home, which makes it a prime target for robbers. So, simply wait to post your selfies and other pictures until you return home from your trip.

Sign #3: It's Dark Outside Your Home

When burglars decide to attack at nighttime, they are looking for homes with no outside lights. So, if it is dark outside of your home, your home is going to a primary target. The reason for this is because the darkness acts as a cover and helps keep them hidden. So, make sure that you are turning on any outdoor lights once the sun goes down. Whenever possible, use motion-activated lights and install lights at the corners of your home where it is particularly dark.

Sign #4: You Fail to Activate Your Security Alarm

There are some homeowners who have a security alarm installed in their home, but they fail to activate it, especially during the daytime. Unfortunately, the daytime is when the majority of home burglaries occur, which means this is the most important time of day for your home security alarm to be activated. If you aren't home, make sure that your alarm is activated – even if you have that security sign out in your front lawn, as burglaries have caught onto that old trick.