Why Upgrade To Smart Locks At Your Business

17 May 2018
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Are you looking for ways to make your business more secure? If so, switching to smart locks may be the solution that you are looking for. These locks can really take your security to a place that is not possible with a traditional key lock. Here are a few reasons why it will be worth it to make the upgrade. Keyless Locks Deter Crime If someone is trying to break into your business, the lock on the door will be the first thing they see. Read More 

Three Ways To Take Better Care Of Your Commercial Locks

4 April 2018
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Replacing all of the commercial locks on your building is not cheap, even if you can get away with simply having the locks re-keyed. There may be times, such as after a break-in or a contentious firing of a disloyal employee, when you have no choice but to replace or re-key the locks; but why would you do so if you did not have to? With regular maintenance, you can keep your commercial locks working well for a lot longer, minimizing the need to replace them. Read More 

Locked Out Of Your Car? Know How To Stay Safe

6 February 2018
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Being locked out of your own car can be a scary experience, but thankfully, a 24-hour locksmith is only a phone call away to help you out. If you are waiting around late at night for them to show up, you'll want to find a way to stay safe while outside of your vehicle. Keep these tips in mind so you know what to do until help arrives. Find a Well Lit Area Read More 

4 Signs That Your House Is Susceptible To Burglars

22 December 2017
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There are millions of homes burglarized every single year. The last thing that you want is for your home to be one of them. Here are four signs that your home is actually susceptible to thieves: Sign #1: You Tend to Leave Your Front Door Unlocked It isn't uncommon for people to leave their front door unlocked. In fact, statistics show that 25 percent of homeowners admit to leaving their front door unlocked. Read More 

Evicting A Roommate? When Can You Change The Locks?

30 November 2017
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Having a roommate (or several roommates) can provide many benefits, from companionship and chore-sharing to a break on your rent or mortgage payments. However, when these roommate relationships go south and you're the only one listed on the mortgage (or lease agreement), you may find yourself in the position of having to evict someone who lives in your house. What steps should you take both before and after the eviction to provide yourself with security while staying within the bounds of the law? Read More